We break down the status quo of how social minorities are currently portrayed to create our own narrative.

Photo credit: Eliza Gregory

Photo credit: Eliza Gregory

“Hiatus are a dynamic and important new collective who have an exciting vision for the representation of neurodiversity and disability. With self expression at its core - I'm excited to see the development of an inclusive team that advocates and creates opportunities for marginalised people to create their own narratives.”

-Becky Warnock


“Self-expression workshops are a brilliant way to battle anxieties and doubt projected on us by society. As an artist, being able to bring my personal experiences to my work is something I value massively. I believe in the voiceless having a platform and Hiatus shares those values.”

-Spencer Cooper


“Hiatus opens lines of communication for those challenged by traditional modes of communicating’, the necessity to speak / write in a normative way is absolved by this collective.”

-Tom Wheeler