Hiatus is a cross - arts collective who support and encourage those whose voices are rarely heard.

Become an Artist in Residence

We are always looking to expand our Artists in Residence programme.



An artist in residence is someone who will join the Collective and work with us to develop their own practice and the sphere of influence of Hiatus.



Perhaps we can go for coffee? Or arrange a video call? Or send us a bog standard email and we’ll be in touch. There’s no formal application process. We’re just keen to meet with you and see what happens. Click here to hit up our inbox →

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Anyone who has their own artistic practice and identifies as having a communication barrier to self-expression, which is out of their control, is able to contact Hiatus about becoming an artist in residence. We are keen to represent a diverse body of artists, practices and disciplines, however we are not prescriptive as to what you bring to the table. The Collective is shaped by the skills, thoughts, emotions, interests of the individuals who join it.



You will have so many opportunities to develop both personally and professionally. These are some of the amazing things you’ll have access to if you come on board: shape the future of the Collective, nurture the ethos of Hiatus, create your own artworks or projects supported by Hiatus. Read more →