exhibiting Artists

Alice Banfield (b. 1996)

Alice Banfield is a Welsh Autistic Artist based in Cardiff, Wales. Banfield’s practice explores her experiences as an autistic person, using this narrative to deconstruct misconceptions of autism. In particular, how language used by some organisations portray autism as a disease that can be treated.

W: banfield.format.com

Kazimir Bielecki / Lennie Varvarides (DYSPLA)

Supported by the Arts Council England, DYSPLA are award winning disabled artists, Lennie Varvarides and Kazimir Bielecki. Currently conducting research into the neurodivergent aesthetic while exploring the medium of Virtual Reality, DYSPLA continue to elucidate a new artistic aesthetic defined by the cognitive difference of neurodivergence.

W: dyspla.com

Meriel Clarke

Meriel Clarke (B: 1993, Dublin) lives and works in London. MA Sculpture - Royal College of Art (2019), BA Sculpture - University of Brighton (2015). Clarke has dyslexia and has exhibited in group exhibitions in the UK and Internationally.

Priti Depala

Priti Depala, is a Graphic Designer from London. As someone who has dyslexia, Depala has always struggled with communication and expressing herself to individuals. She finds design allows her to express her ideas and thoughts in a way that people can understand and enjoy at the same time. It has allowed her to converse with different people from all walks of life and this has given her the confidence to talk to people through her work. 

W: pritidesigns.co.uk

Chris Douce

Chris Douce is a computer scientist, writer, artist, and person who stammers. Chris studied computing at the University of Salford, University of Essex, and University of Manchester. He currently works at the School of Computing and Communications in The Open University. Hiatus is his first exhibition.

Jamain Gordon (b. 1995)

Jamain Gordon is an artist who identifies as a person who sometimes stammers. He specialises within the arts of Photography and Graphics, from North London but was born in Guyana. With his photography work, he focuses on Fashion and Portraiture. He also went on the study Photography at University for the Creative Arts (Farnham).

W: jamaingordon.co.uk

Sam Grant

Sam Grant is an artist based in Solihull who primarily uses the mediums of photography and video to explore themes related to his own experiences with autistic spectrum disorder. His work includes abstract depictions of sensory issues, social isolation and emotional processing in the attempt to convey the feelings experienced by an individual on the spectrum to a neurotypical audience.

Typically Sam focuses on himself as subject to create a stronger sense of a personal narrative and thus his works are best consumed in conjunction to form a larger multi-faceted whole.

W: www.samgrantmedia.co.uk 

Roy van der Aa (b. 1956)

Van der Aa (b.1956) Amsterdam born and grew up in Montreal, Canada. Roy has been a stammerer since the age of six. This has resulted in the artistic pursuit of indeterminacy - how chance informs a pictorial representation and affects the flow of an artwork. 

W: https://www.royvanderaa.com/ 

Siobhan Ward

Ward does not consider herself to be a professional artist. Ward works as an NHS Speech and Language Therapist, specialising in stammering, which may be why she is drawn to subjects who reflect the importance of communication, acceptance and diversity. In 2017, she collaborated in the production of "My Stammering Tap" to raise stammering awareness. This can be viewed on YouTube by searching #mystammeringtap.

Imogen Tarry

Immi Tarry, from London, currently resides in Brighton. Tarry has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Tarry recently graduated from the University of Brighton in Fashion Communication BA (Hons) with Business Studies. Before university, she completed an Art Foundation Diploma at Kensington and Chelsea College, London.

She experiments with a range of mediums, however, she usually focuses on illustration, painting and collage. She has also enjoyed experimenting with art direction, photography, typography, zine-making, paper-making and sewing. Tarry’s art often features cats, girls, and bold colours. A lot of work is inspired by her own struggles with mental health  and is often done as a way to relax. 

Tom Wheeler

Tom Wheeler is an artist and Person Who Stutters who chiefly works in print. Consistent in his work are themes of dualism, the self and the hero’s journey. Tom’s work is often accompanied by self reported data he makes during the creative process, revealing the habits and behaviours that facilitate his work. With this data, Tom is also compiling an artists manual for those who want to improve their creative output.