Hiatus is a cross - arts collective who support and encourage those whose voices are rarely heard.

Share your experiences

We can only grow and get better as a responsible and responsive Collective if we can take every opportunity to learn about people’s real life experiences.

A man with disability in a wheelchair posing in the photo studio as a model. Photo credit Stephen Thomas Smith.

Credit: Stephen Thomas Smith





Hiatus wants to allow opportunities for individuals with communication challenges which affect their ability to self-express to share their experience of living with such challenges. Where does your support come from? How do you cope day to day? What hobbies do you have? How does all of this influence how you deal with your challenges?  



We use multiple communication channels both in person and online to communicate with our audiences. We’re keen to meet you and let you tell your story. Come chat to us at one of our public programme events or arrange to meet us via email or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We may also use these platforms to share your story, how about that?

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If you yourself identify with having a communication barrier which inhibits your ability to self express yourself, we’d love to hear from you.



We’re keen to meet you and let you tell your story as we’re genuinely curious about the world of all things disability. We’re keen to share your story also, to change understanding and influence opinions. We also want your story to influence our work in the future. Our ethos is structured around being relevant and guiding the things we do by the people we represent and work with.


Get Involved

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Make a video

Shoot your very own video - it doesn't have to be professional! Grab your mobile phone or digital camera and show us your life experiences.

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Make a drawing or painting

We’re keen to see how you might interpret your day to day challenges. Pick up something you’re familiar with or just start doodling and see what happens.

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Curate a story on Instagram

Make a story on Instagram, mention @wearehiatus and we’ll repost your story of your experiences on our account for all to see. A great way to visually document through both images and video if you wish, your neurodiverse narrative.

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