Hiatus is a cross - arts collective who support and encourage those whose voices are rarely heard.

Support our ethos

Hiatus is in its infancy. We are currently in the process of building our ethos. This may take a number of months, in consultation with the artists and participants we work with. We will have something for you shortly. In the meantime, learn about our key values, how you can support the principles we believe in, who can support them and why it is important.



Our ethos influences: what Hiatus does and how it does it, it guides how we build our public programme, the people we engage with and the impact of our projects. Hiatus has written an agreement for participants in workshops or those who are part of our team to ensure that we can create a sensitive, respectful, inclusive environment to allow individuals to be themselves. The values within this agreement include but are not limited to speech being valuable, important and individual as well as being willing to be others before yourself when necessary. Respecting each other’s differences and challenges. Finally, alternative forms of communication are to be encouraged. We believe that a non-hierarchical structure within the organisation is key to making sure that all voices are heard. We are currently developing our ethos over the next year.



You may be asking how you can promote what we do and where it comes from. Firstly, tell other people about us or what you discovered about someone’s barrier to self expression.  Attend one of our public programme events, it may be an exhibition, a talk, or arrange to meet up for coffee with one of our artists in residence. You could suggest an event for us to run - we facilitate the bringing together of people and the creation of artwork and projects. We want to always be relevant. A simple idea, join our mailing list too? Finally, also, we are interested in partnering with social enterprises to help us to develop the reach of our collective and invest what we do and the people we represent. If this is you and you like what we’re trying to do, then let us know.

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Anyone with an interest in learning more about communication barriers even if you don’t have any knowledge, those in the disability sector, professionals within the third sector, those interested in partnering with us to offer services and workshop facilitation.



By supporting our ethos you become aware and can educate yourself of the communities that Hiatus seeks to support. We believe that this method of artistic practice is informed by principles and ethics. We want to create a set of principles and values which we can share with the World as to how to approach disability and those who are different to us. Our ambition is to create an environment where people can create and nurture their artistic talents, to benefit themselves and the wider audience. Your interest in our work allows us to keep believing that we are doing something which is current, informed and relevant to the 21st Century.